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Monday, June 1, 2009

Rally time

We got up early Saturday and I got busy attaching some "safety" chrome goodies to the bike. I have not purchased a lot of extra's for the bike and decided a few pieces of chrome might spiff it up some. While I was working Rudee cooked us up some breakfast. What a gal!! We shared a ham and cheese omelet and then headed in to the rally.

We did some walking around and caught up on the happenings of friends we know thru GWRRA but probably only see at these type of events. We were invited to go to lunch in downtown Greensburg at Storie's Restaurant. Our group went from 6 people to 8 then 10 and at last count there were 16 of us eating here. The restaurant sits on the downtown courthouse square and the food was good. Greensburg has a very unique courthouse. There is a tree growing out of the clock steeple probably 200' above the ground. In 1870, after the courthouse was built, the local residents noticed several sprigs of something on the roof. The sprigs grew into trees and at one time there were 4 trees with trunks about 4" in diameter growing thru the roof. Today there is only one tree left and it sure doesn't look to be 140 years old so I am assuming this tree must not be "original equipment":-) but it is unusual to say the least.

After lunch we took another observation ride thru the countryside. The route was provided at the rally and took us down some of the local roads showing off the area. We had a nice ride of about 80 miles. Back at the rally things were winding down so we headed back to the campground where I got the grill out and I started cooking. I guess I was the "head chef" because I ended up cooking Robinson's and Greenlee's steaks and our hot dogs as well as a piece of chicken that just seemed to show up :-). We all shared our side dishes and ate together under our awning, it was fun.

We had to be back at the rally at 6:30 for the Grand Parade line up and then closing ceremonies at 7:00. The closing was boring as usual but we did have several of our friends win plaques for placing or winning various activities. The parade started at 8:30 and there were 135 motorcycles parading thru town. The police had the intersections blocked and the residents all lined the streets to look at the bikes and we would wave and honk our horns thanking them for letting us invade their community for the week end. This is always our favorite part of the rally and we had a great time.

With the rally over we headed back to the 5th wheel. On the way we started hearing about strong storms heading our way :-(. I decided to put the awning up and put away all our stuff in case we got some bad weather. Sure enough about 10:00 it started raining and the TV said we were in a severe thunderstorm warning. The rain lasted for about 20-30 minutes but the strong winds and hail they predicted never happened so we lucked out there.

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast again since Rudee didn't want to have dirty dishes on a travel day. When we got back we started packing up to leave. I had pulled my truck out the night before since it had dried up enough for me to get traction but with the latest rain I knew I would be stuck again if I tried to hook on. Niles volunteered to hook on to us and pulled the Montana out onto the road with his 4 wheel drive Dodge dually so I could hook on from there. Thanks, Niles!!

We all caravaned home and we were back and set up in "our" spot at the KOA by 2:30. We had quite a week end at the rally. We got to do a lot of riding and enjoyed spending time with all of our friends. We look forward to doing it all again real soon. I'll keep you posted

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