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Thursday, June 11, 2009

long week

So much for being caught up at work. I got slammed with assignments today so will be swamped tomorrow and into next week, oh well I guess it's better to be busy at a job your sick of rather than slow.
We did get to ride to dinner last night. We met up with Mike, Penny, Bill and Jane her in Crawfordsville and rode to Lebanon to the Big Lot's parking lot which is the designated meeting point for the rest of the chapter. We had 3 other bikes meet us there and the 6 of us headed out to Linden for dinner. We took a nice route thru the countryside and we really enjoyed the ride. Dinner was so-so but the company was great. We made it back to the 5er about 9pm and headed to bed shortly afterwards, big time partiers we are not!! :-)

We had some more rain with some lightning and thunder mixed in about 4am this morning. I enjoy listening to the rain but could have done with out the surprise puddle on my side of the bed. I rolled over onto wet sheets (cold too!!). I guess that's what I get for leaving the window open when they are predicting rain.

We rented a movie the other night from the "red box" at Mc Donalds. These are vending machines that you rent a DVD for $1.00 per night. They have a pretty good selection and you can return it to any red box location. We got the new Clint Eastwood movie "Gran Torino". We both enjoyed the movie but it is not kid friendly, it earned it's "R" rating but had a good plot.

The campground has been probably 50% full all week and I expect it to pick up some more for this week end with the festival starting tomorrow. We made a quick re-supply run to Wally World and when we pulled back in to the campground the pool water was being delivered. They had to replace the drain with a new model that was safer for the public (required by a new law) and have been delayed getting it open. I doubt the water they were pumping in was heated so don't expect me to "dive in" for a week or two until it warms up! I'll keep you posted.

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