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Friday, June 12, 2009

Strawberry festival day 1

We met several of our friends at a great little Mexican restaurant in downtown Crawfordsville, Little Mexico. Rudee had made reservations for us because we knew it would be busy on a Friday night and it's always hard trying to get a table for eight regardless. We all arrived about the same time and had a nice meal. Rudee and I shared a chimichaunga dinner and Trish let me taste her Margarita! ummm good. After dinner we walked over to the festival grounds where they had the stage all set up. There was a pretty big crowd gathered already but we were able to claim a patch of grass where we set up our chairs. We walked around the festival a little and our daughter Amanda. son in law Ryan and grand kids Nicholas, Avalynn and Olivia joined us. We looked thru all the craft vendors and oogled at the restored cars on display at the car show. We made it back to our chairs about 7:30 and settled in for the big show starting at 8:30. We killed time by playing with the kids and people watching. Country music stars Confederate Railroad hit the stage right on time and really ripped it up. We tapped our feet and sang along and had a great time.

Steve and Trish, Mike and Penny, Jimmie and Becky Owens made up our little group. We even had an early birthday party for Trish who turns 29 next week. I'm pretty sure this is at least the third time we have celebrated her 29th :-). Happy Birthday Trish, we don't care how many times you turn 29 !!

We will probably go back to the festival again tomorrow. I'm sure there are some of the vendors we didn't get to see and the ribs they were cooking in the food court sure smelled good :-).

We took a walk around the campground after work and checked the pool out. Rudee stuck her hand in the water and pronounced it too cold to swim. I guess we'll need to wait another week for the sun to warm things up. We did see some brave souls swimming a little later though. Says something about the resiliency of youth huh.

The campground is pretty full tonight and there are banners hanging around that announce the Indianapolis Shrine RV club has arrived. The KOA here seems to do a pretty good club campout business because this is at least the 4th camping club we have seen staying here.

No real plans for tomorrow, just flying by the seat of our pants, of course I'll keep you posted.

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