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Friday, June 19, 2009

The sirens blew and we flew

We made it to the end of the work week, yee haw!! Rudee had a team building activity last night. They had a bowling evening on the west side of Indianapolis. She has never been a fan of bowling but they tend to hold it against you if you don't "voluntarily" participate in their extra curricular activities so she went and pretended to enjoy herself. I stayed home for the evening ate left overs, sat in my recliner, and watched TV all evening, just a typical bachelor night at home :-). I did get one thing accomplished. Rudee bought me a new spoiler light for the motorcycle for Fathers Day and I installed it after I got home from work. The new one is a combination running/brake light as well as having LED turn signal lights. The install went well and I really like the way it looks on the bike. Thanks Honey!!

Our daughter Amanda had a test done today at the hospital and Rudee took the day off so she could go with her and drive her home since she had to be sedated. All came out fine and Amanda was back to normal by this afternoon. They came by the 5th wheel and picked me up around 5pm and we headed to the kids' day care where they were having a program. Our grandkids attend a day care/preschool at a local church. They had vacation bible school this past week and capped it off with a program. They sang several songs and then had a slide show of what they did all week. We even got treated to hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixin's for supper. We had a fun time.

We made it back to the KOA just in time to hear that severe storms were bearing down on us. Rudee and I went out and put the awning up, put away our chairs and anything else that might blow away. We kept our eye on the weather radar and things kept looking worse. The sirens began to sound around 9:15pm and they announced on TV that we were under a tornado warning and to take cover. We decided to abandon our home and head for sturdier ground. We love our home on wheels but it's just not wise to try and ride out severe storms in one.
We drove over to the local hospital which is just up the road from us and went into the emergency room waiting area. They wouldn't let us stay there because of all the glass windows and moved us to an interior waiting room with out windows. There was a TV in there and we stayed informed on the storm which moved thru fairly quickly. We headed back to the 5th wheel about 9:45 as it looked like the worst had passed by. Back at the campground things were wet but there didn't seem to be any damage. They are saying we may get another round before day break, guess we'll just wait and see.

We are riding the bike up to Shipshewana tomorrow. Rudee has been wanting to get a new afghan for our bed. The one we have now is for a queen bed that we used in the old house and since the 5th wheel has a King bed she wanted to get one that fit it. We have reservations at a motel for Saturday night and will ride back home on Sunday. Shipshewana is right in the heart of Indiana's Amish country and we enjoy touring the area and seeing the beautiful Amish farms. This is also in the area where most of the RV's are produced and there are several RV surplus stores in that neck of the woods. We may have to stop in one of those and do a little window shopping. I'll keep you posted.

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