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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Rudee and I loaded the bike up first thing Friday morning. I dumped the holding tank and shut the water and water heater off in the 5th wheel and put the awning up and we took off!! We didn't get too far though, we had to stop at Uncle Smiley's in Crawfordsville for breakfast. While there Rudee's phone rang and Jane Remley had driven by and saw the bike, we invited her back to join us but she was on her way to work. Shortly after Bill came rolling in on his bike, I guess Jane gave him a call and he came over to have breakfast with us. Bill retired earlier this year, not sure how he gets by with him not working and Jane still doing the full time work thing? I don't know if Rudee would let me be a "house husband":-).
We headed south on US 231 after breakfast. The weather was nice and we were both in short sleeves. Our plan is to head to Gatlinburg TN for a couple of days and then just point the motorcycle and go from there. We are not riding any interstates to get there. We decided we didn't want to rush and try to dial it back a notch and smell the roses so to speak. The flat lands of central Indiana gave way to the rolling hills of the southern part of the state. We motored along with very little traffic. We have an intercom system in our helmets and can carry on a normal conversation as well as listen to the stereo even going 55 MPH. We talked and and watched the scenery go by and had the type of day that only another motorcyclist can understand. We found ourselves in Paoli Indiana for a quick lunch stop at a "local flavor" restaurant. While there we struck up a conversation with a Harley rider who had taken the day off work to enjoy a ride.
We took US 150 east to SR 56 and were soon in the Ohio River town of Madison Indiana. I have always liked Madison with it's stately old mansions facing the river and it's historic downtown area. You can just imagine the steam paddle wheelers docking down by the river. We crossed over into Kentucky on US 421 which rises and falls thru the hills of northern Kentucky. We took this road all the way into Frankfort. The GPS said we were about 2 miles outside the city but there was no sign of it. We came around a curve and the State House Rotunda was perfectly framed in a break in the trees, pretty sight. We changed roads onto US 127 and headed south.
The heat had climbed to the lower 90's and we were both careful to drink water and we stopped a few more times that we normally do just to stay cool.
We stopped for the night about 5:00 in Danville Kentucky at a nice Comfort Suites. They have an indoor pool that offered us a nice cool down after our hot ride. We ate supper at Applebee's and then just relaxed in the room. There were storms reported all around us and we heard some thunder but didn't get any rain here. Today is supposed to be another hot but nice day. Our route today takes south thru Sommerset, east across the Cumberland Gap and then south thru TN. I'll keep you posted.

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