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Saturday, January 14, 2012

another crew out

As predicted the temperatures were downright COLD overnight dropping into the upper 20's. I had disconnected the water supply and drained the hose. Once the sun was up Friday morning the temps rose at a steady pace and I was able to hook everything back up before I laid down for some rest.

Friday afternoon was my "going to town" day. Rudee had made a list of the groceries we needed and I made a stop at the post office before heading to the super market. I really shouldn't go to the store when I am hungry. I got everything on the list but also some candy, chips and few other "unhealthy snacks" somehow found their way into my cart :-).
I stopped at McDonalds and picked us up some supper and headed back to the 5th wheel. OK, I hear ya, not good having snacks and fast food but I can be bad just once a week can't I?
Once I got back I unhooked the water once again since the temps were heading down below 30 degrees again. Hopefully this will be the last time for at least another week :-)

Early Saturday morning the crew working on the well all started filing out of the gate. By 8:30 there were only a couple of workers and a large crane left on the pad. Another process completed and another crew heading out to their next job. We are expecting the fracking crew to arrive any day now. Last time they all arrived in one big convoy and since it is the same company doing this second well we figure they will all show up at once, just not sure when that will be but I'll keep you posted!

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