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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

hurry up and wait

We have had some interesting activity here at the gate in the last couple of days. Monday evening the company man left and we were all alone here at the site. We didn't expect to have any activity so I decided to try sleeping upstairs again. We had no more gotten in bed and was just dozing off when someone knocked on the door! We have infrared driveway sensors that pick up 99% of any movement going past the sensors as well as the bell alarms that ring when driven over. The first thing we thought of was "illegals" looking for a hand out. I looked out the dining room window and there was a semi truck parked out by the highway and the truck driver was lost and needed directions. I'm not sure why the sensors didn't pick him up when he walked by and I had no idea where the ranch was he was trying to find so I had to send him on down the road still lost :-(.

We have had a few crews in that were "prepping" the back pad. I'm not sure what kind of prep work needs to be done but this morning a convoy of trucks came in with "coil tubing" written on the sides. This is the first stage of the fracking process and they were not happy campers. I guess they were told to get here this morning and get set up at the well site and start their work. On their way here they were told to just park the equipment on the front pad and leave because the back well was not ready yet. I talked to the supervisor and he said they did not even have the well capped yet and there was just a "pipe in a hole in the ground". He said they would be back in a few days.
There have also been several of the oil company reps in and, judging by their demeanor, they have not been happy. I think someone has dropped the ball somewhere because equipment keeps arriving and they are putting everything on the front pad until they can complete their work on the back pad. Last word we have gotten is the fracking may not start until Monday. Guess we will just wait and see.

We got a phone call from our friend Jimmy Owens who lives in Indiana. They are in Texas staying with family while Jimmy gets some medical issues taken care of, He was just diagnosed with cancer that was found in his thyroid. They are still trying to determine the extent of the cancer and course of treatment but Jimmy sounded upbeat and ready for the fight. Good luck, buddy we are with you and ready to help out any way we can.

I am enjoying the quiet nights but know they will end soon and we will be back to our busy selves again. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Send our best to your friend! Prayer does wonders!!