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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

swappin crews

Today the frack crew finished up their process' and started moving their equipment off the back pad. They have some interesting equipment they use. I wonder who came up with some of these things?
The semis that haul the big diesel motors were all moved from the back pad onto the front pad as well as the caterers trailer. They lined them all up like a military regiment on the parade grounds.
The big vertical boxes on the very front of the trailer are 2 large radiators and the rest is all engine, transmission and controls! These things have some power!
The coil tubing crew was next up to bat. They moved their equipment back to the well and "rigged up". They will clean out the well in order for the crude oil to be extracted. I am told this should only take about another day and they will tear down and head out as well.
The next process will be to regulate the flow and this lasted about 2 weeks on the front well so not sure if that is normal or not. The crew that did this last time was pretty quiet and rarely left the pad so we hardly knew they were here. The downside was they hauled out the waste water 24/7 so there was a semi tanker coming in and out about every couple of hours :-(.
We were pretty pumped that the caterer was moved closer to us. Since they arrived they have been in the middle of the chaos on the back pad. I did drive back a couple of times and pick up some meals but felt a little "out of place" being there. They opened up on the front pad and we waited until the crews had all been fed before walking over. I guess we waited too long because the cooks were just locking up the trailer and told us they were being told to shut down and would not be open again until sometime tomorrow. They felt bad we didn't get a meal and told us to be sure to come back tomorrow and they would take care of us.
We didn't have anything thawed out for supper so Rudee threw together a home made pepperoni and mushroom pizza that was absolutely perfect! She really is too nice to me :-).
We did have some rain and gusty wind last night. Luckily the rain didn't last too long so things dried out pretty quickly :-)
Things are starting to wind down here at the gate. The next couple of days should see a mass exodus of most of the workers and equipment. I'll keep you posted.

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