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Monday, January 23, 2012

yep, we're busy :-)

The fracking has started with a vengeance on the back pad. Last time they were here doing the front pad we were right in the middle of the action since the entrance to the front pad is just a few feet from the front of our 5th wheel. The fracking process is very loud with several large diesel engines running at high rpm's plus there were workers running around all over the place. We really felt like we were more in the way than anything else. This time they are at least 1/4 mile away so the noise is a lot less and we have our own "space", Rudee and I both agree this is much better.

Vehicles have been coming and going at a steady pace. They use a lot of sand in the various fracking process' and it all has to be trucked into the site so we have been busy checking the semi trucks in and out. The crews change shifts around 5am and again 12 hours later at 5pm. They are all staying in a motel in Laredo and using a shuttle bus to commute to the site. That makes it a little easier on us versus all of them driving their personal vehicles. When the drilling rig was here their crews stayed in trailers on site but rarely was there a day when most of the crew didn't pile into cars and headed to town for several hours after their shifts ended. There are few staying on site, the company man, safety personal as well as the caterer all have trailers but they rarely travel outside the property.

The weather has been perfect the last several days with highs near or above 80 degrees and only a light breeze. Sure beats all the sleet and snow they are getting back in Indiana :-). They are calling for some showers and thunderstorms to start sometime on Tuesday and continue into Wednesday so we'll need to be ready to fight the mud again :-(. We are expecting the fracking to be completed late Tuesday or maybe Wednesday morning if all goes well and then the crew will start to tear everything down and prepare to move to the next site. Once they are all moved out it will be almost time for us to start preparing ourselves and the rig for moving on as well. I'll keep you posted.

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