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Sunday, January 15, 2012

lazy day

We have visitors! Don Smith, a fellow gate guard, dropped by for a visit. We have been communicating via RV.net Forum but had never met face to face that we knew of. Don and his wife Shar are from Lebanon and went fulltime after he retired. We had a nice visit comparing gate guard notes and hearing about some of their travels. Hard to believe that there are 3 gates being manned by people from the same small town in Indiana within a 20 mile radius of each other here in South Texas :-).
The crane pulled out mid morning along with the operators. This left us with only the company man back at the well site. He came out for supper and said he would return and spend the night but he didn't anticipate any other traffic. I needed to take the trash back to the dumpster on the pad and since it was slow Rudee grabbed the clipboard and we both hopped in the truck to take a little ride. The pad is only about 1/2 mile from the gate and this ranch is wide open so we could see if anyone was coming in while we took our little tour. There really wasn't much to see but they do have the "frack tree" attached to the well pipe, all we need now is the crew and all their equipment. They use a mixture of sand, water and chemicals under very high pressure to fracture the underground rock. The water is provided by a reservoir they made here on the ranch but the sand and chemicals are all trucked in.
Sure enough the company man was the only one we checked in the rest of the evening. We enjoyed the quiet time watching TV and ended up going to bed shortly after 10:30 and the next thing I knew it was getting daylight outside. It sure felt good to sleep the entire night with no interruptions.

Sunday has turned out to be another lazy day. As of this writing (7pm) we have only 4 entries on our sheet. That is the slowest day we've had since arriving at the gate. I took a nice walk down the county road that runs adjacent to our gate. I guess I was all tuckered out from the walk because I took a 2 hour nap after getting back! :-)

They are still saying the frack crew will not be arriving until Tuesday so we are anticipating another slow day tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

ps: Maximillion, Thanks for your comments on yesterdays entry but I accidently deleted it when I tried to add it to the post ....... sorry :-(

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  1. That's OK Phil, I understand. Nothing really lost.