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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"doin the shuffle"

We are still busy "frackin the tree" here on the Hinkle Ranch. During the day we have a lot of pick up trucks coming and going then in the evening hours the semi trucks hauling sand start in. They use lots and lots of sand and we have a steady stream of semis going in and out until around 2am when it slows down to a trickle for a couple of hours. Starting around 4am the pick up traffic starts up again as we approach shift change and this continues until after 6am when we get another break in the action and it slows again for a couple of hours. That has been pretty much our routine here for the last 3 days, that is until this evening. You could almost feel a change in the air. The sand trucks suddenly stopped coming and more equipment was coming out than going in. Talking to the workers confirmed that the fracking process will end either tonight or tomorrow. Sure enough several pieces of equipment arrived for the coil tubing which is the final clean out of the well and they are all staged on the front pad ready to move into position as soon as the frack rig is moved out.

I was able to get some sleep today but no more got in bed and fell asleep when I heard the rain start. Oh oh it's gonna get muddy again :-(. The rain lasted for about 45 minutes and then stopped. They are still predicting rain and storms for tonight after midnight and we even under a tornado watch so it may be a bumpy night :-0. There is a small cement bridge over a dry creek bed at the entrance to our gate which could serve as a tornado shelter if need be. There is really no other place to retreat to and I'm sure not going to try and hang out inside the 5th wheel if the big blow comes.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day with all the equipment getting shuffled around. I'll try to remember to grab the camera and get some pictures of that circus :-). I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Thanks for the insights into gate guarding in my home state of Texas! Dave and I are an on-site security team in NJ right now, but have been approached by gate guarding companies now and then. I have envisioned what it might be like and your blog confirms that. I've wondered if it might be something for us to try at some point in the future and again appreciate scenes from "a day in the life." Cheers!