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Monday, January 30, 2012

bad TV day

We are down to only about 5 workers left adjusting the flow on the back well. The company man came out and told us all they are getting out of the well is water but that should change in the next day or two when the oil and natural gas starts to flow. The water they take out is being trucked away to a holding area several miles south of here.
Needless to say, aside from the water trucks coming in and out every few hours, the gate is pretty quiet.
Sunday we had another one of those boring type days. I piddled around outside just doing "busy" type work. I put a few things away that we don't expect to be using for awhile and started the generator and let it run for awhile to exercise it. The manufacturer recommends that it be ran for at least 30 minutes under 50% load every 30 days. After letting it run I topped off its fuel tank and added some more Stabil fuel stabilizer which will keep the fuel "fresh" until we need to use the generator again.
The Sunday after the NFL conference championship games has to be the worst TV day of the year. Any other time sports nuts can watch some kind of game, race or event. There was absolutely nothing on. The Nascar season doesn't kick off for a couple of weeks, no NFL games until next week when the Super Bowl will be played, baseball is still a few months down the road, heck I couldn't even find a golf tournament to watch. I'm not really a huge sports fan but I do like to watch a good football game and I'll pass an hour or two watching a Nascar or Indy car race and if I'm in need of a little nap I'll even turn on golf :-). Yesterday there wasn't even a decent John Wayne movie to be had! You know what that means, an all day marathon of Lifetime Network chick flicks! :-0
I called my grand son Nicholas yesterday and he told me all about his visit to Indianapolis. They spent the day Saturday doing the NFL experience in downtown Indianapolis. They had all kinds of activities for young and old alike. All of our kids and their spouses attended at some point during the weekend. They said the crowds were large but the atmosphere was like Mardi Gras and they all had a great time. Looks like Indy is going all out hosting their first Super Bowl. I know they have been preparing for this week for over a year now. Tickets to the big game can still be purchased as long as you have an extra $3,000.00 laying around. That's for one ticket in the upper decks! Yikes!
We expect a slow week here at the Hinkle Ranch and are looking forward to easing our way back into retirement mode! I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Oh, Yeah ! Golf TV = Sleeping music. Bright blue sky's, Beautiful manicured greens and whispering commentator's. Yep if that isn't the formula for a good nap, then I don't know what is ! He, he, it was a bad TV weekend alright.