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Thursday, January 5, 2012

trip to Cotulla

The gate has been extremely busy the last 2 days as expected. The rig should be coming down soon and there are several companies here doing their thing to prepare for the big move. We have been filling 4 pages a day since Monday and it shows no sign of letting up soon. The front pad has slowed down however and the crew working there is moving out. The big birthday candle that has been burning for the last couple of weeks has been blown out. I hope Rudee made a wish because I missed the party and she didn't save me any cake either! :-)

I drove into Cotulla today for our weekly grocery run and mail drop. My paycheck was there but our mail packet from Indiana has not arrived yet so we will have to drive in again and pick that up. We call the UPS store and request our mail to be forwarded every Monday and so far it has arrived on Thursday. Since a lot of people were off Monday that could have slowed things down this week. I'm not sure if the post office was even open Monday since we don't see a lot of mailmen out here in our neck of woods :-).

We got a little information today on the rig move. Looks like they will be fracking the new well as soon as they can, possibly as early as late next week so it is likely we may be staying put for a little while longer. We are not looking forward to the hub bub of the fracking but it will only last for about a week and then they will move on. We are hoping that the process will be similar to the front well and they will have a small crew here to regulate the flow for a couple of weeks after fracking. That should put us close to our target date to hitch up and move out for some R & R. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

The weather has been pretty nice with temperatures in the upper 60's during the day and into the 40's at night. They are predicting even warmer temps for the next few days which makes us both ready for a nice long motorcycle ride! Hopefully next month will be even nicer and we can get the bike out experience Texas on two wheels. I'll keep you posted.

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