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Friday, January 27, 2012

they left .... almost

The fracking is done and the crews are all packed up with nowhere to go. I was told they were going to move to another well pad just around the corner from us but the drilling rig is still there. I'm not sure what the plan is but most of the fracking equipment is on the front pad and the coil tubing equipment is parked next to the road leading to the back pad. There were crews in most of yesterday doing maintenance on the large diesel engines I photographed in yesterdays blog. They are changing the oil and fuel filters on each one so they will be ready for the next job. They worked all day Thursday and said they would be back again on Friday. The coil tubing folks are doing the same thing on the side of the road.
I did take a drive to the back pad to toss our trash bags into the dumpster and it is pretty much deserted. The flow back crew is there and we have had some semi trucks in and out hauling the waste out. They do have a "birthday candle" set up but it has not been lit yet. This is a vent pipe for natural gas and has some oil mixed in as well judging by the soot and smoke they put out when they first light them up.
For my fire department and EMS buddies I snapped a photo of the safety crew as they were leaving.
This company provides certified firefighter/paramedics that man this vehicle while the fracking process is going on. They also keep a log of all the personnel on site as well as their location in case of a catastrophe. The trailer has an ambulance body on the rear portion and a portable pump with foam for firefighting on the front portion. Pretty cool set up!
Looks like we are starting to see the beginning of the end here at the Hinkle Ranch as I anticipate they will close the gate down as soon as the flow back is completed. The company man told me this morning they are thinking it may only take a week to complete. Our plan is still to leave here on the 6th but may change if they release us earlier. I'll keep you posted.

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