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Monday, January 16, 2012

workin for the weekend

We have actually had a little traffic at our gate today after another quiet night. There has been a crew in making preparations for the fracking to start. They said there has been a slight delay though and the frac crew will not be here until Saturday. This crew will be working today, taking tomorrow off and then will come back Thursday and move into the housing units for the fracking.
Rudee made the comment that she was happy they are waiting until Saturday because the week ends are "boring". What??!! Boring??!! We have always looked forward to week ends back in our 9-5 slave away for "the man" days. Now all of a sudden week ends are boring? Well I have to agree. Even though our current gig as gate guards is a 24/7 job and we really don't have any days off the week ends do seem to go a little slower than other days. I guess the gate is typically a little slower on the week ends and there is not much on TV so things do tend to drag a little Saturday and Sunday.
I read a lot of fulltimers blogs and most tend to avoid doing a lot on the week ends since the stores, restaurants, tourist areas and highways are filled with the working folks trying to enjoy their days off. I guess I still have that "Monday -Friday 9-5" mindset but I'll work on it. :-)

The temperature today was downright balmy! 80 degrees in the middle of January :-) gotta love it!
The rest of the week looks nice as well. We are looking at another 3 more weeks here at the gate and with the fracking going on we are looking forward to our time flying by! I'll keep you posted.

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