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Friday, January 20, 2012

"here they come"

Thursday morning I checked in my first worker for Trican which is the company doing the fracking. I told him I wasn't expecting anyone until Saturday and he said they would start arriving sometime today and that Saturday was the scheduled "rig up" day.
True to his word about 30 minutes later I heard Rudee say "here they come" and was met with a long line of semi trucks turning into our gate. The equipment and chemical trucks were the first to arrive and then all afternoon and evening we had wave after wave of trucks delivering sand. The majority of them have left with just a few stragglers back at the pad.

One thing for sure is you never know who you are going to run into out here in the giggle weeds of Texas. We were checking in vehicles the other day and a pick up truck with Louisiana plates came in and the driver said his last name was Manning. Rudee asked him if he was related to Peyton Manning. Turns out he is Peyton and Ely's cousin and they all grew up near each other. She told him we were from Indiana and he yelled "Go Colts!" as he drove toward the pad. :-)

The good thing about the fracking is they bring their own caterers and feed us really well. So far the catering truck has not arrived yet but should roll in and get set up soon. They cook three meals a day and are open 24/7 for the crew (and us too!). When they were here last time the cook and I struck up a friendship and he took really good care of us. Their menu was varied and very tasty. Rudee is looking forward to having someone else do the cooking for a change :-). I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Carefully Rudee this keeps happening and you'll never want to cook again! LOL

    It's about time.