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Friday, May 8, 2009

alot happening in Florida

I talked to my sister several times yesterday and she had a busy day. She found an Assisted Living Facility for my parents to move into. The place is nice and they will have a 1 bedroom apartment with about the same sq. ft. as our 5th wheel. Their meals are all included as well as weekly cleaning, utilities and cable TV. The price they all charge is astounding and it will take everything they make plus a little of their savings each month but it looks like they can make it OK. Paula also sold their golf cart which was a concern since they couldn't take it with them. She also went to the park office at their current home and inquired about renting their double wide. The gal in the office was looking for a place to rent because her landlord was selling her place and she had to move so it looks like she will be renting their house. We'll have to see how that goes for awhile, I never wanted to be a landlord but it will give them some extra $$ to get by and maybe we'll get lucky and have a good tenet. Everything seems to be falling into place. My brother Jon has some extra vacation so he is going to go down and move their stuff over to the facility probably the week of May 18. The place they are at now will not let them leave w/o being released by their doctor. Paula wanted to take my Dad over to the new place to show him and they wouldn't let him go. Oh well I guess they will just have to trust her.

I drove by the Indy 500 yesterday on my travels and there were cars turning hot laps. I love the sound of it and with the track so close to the road you can almost "feel" the cars whizzing by. Today is "fast Friday" where the big names all are on the track getting ready for pole day tomorrow and is typically a good day to see some higher speeds.

No news from the realtor except to say he doesn't think we will close today. His thoughts are "maybe" on Tuesday. I guess the paperwork that this idiot appraiser didn't fill out is a diagram showing where the well and septic tank are located on the property. That's it!! So here we are waiting on Steve Clifford to get out his paper and crayons and draw a little box with 2 x's on it and then fax it to the mortgage company!! Our realtor says the diagram is required on all FHA loans and has been for some time so it's not like he shouldn't be aware of it. The moral of the story is, if you are selling or buying a house near Lebanon make sure they don't use Steve Clifford as an appraiser because he is not reliable.

We are looking forward to this week end when a bunch of our camping buddies are coming over to spend the week end here at the KOA. Nicholas is spending the night too! Mamaw went to the store yesterday and will be making his favorite biscuits and gravy for breakfast tomorrow morning. Makes me hungry just thinking about. I'll keep you posted.

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