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Monday, May 25, 2009

livin the fulltime life

We made it back "home" to our spot here at the KOA around 2:30. What a great week end. We hooked on and pulled out Friday around 4:00 since Rudee was able to get off a few minutes early. We did have one screw up while leaving. The KOA was filling up and we were trying to leave and things were crowded. I backed the truck up to hook on and missed the pin/hitch alignment by just the least little bit and the teflon plate that's welded onto my hitch got buggered up a little. I should have had Rudee out helping me but being the big tough, do it all by myself guy that I am, I didn't ask her to come out for the couple of minutes it would have taken and I messed up some. No real big deal, a little adjustment and we were hooked on and ready to pull out. Rudee asked the guy in the site next to us to move his truck because he had parked it where the road and the edge of our site meet and made it very difficult for me to get out. He was really nice and moved it while we pulled out. One thing for sure, if you want to get a lot of attention in an RV park just drive around in an HDT because all eyes were on us as we were leaving!

We breezed thru the rush hour traffic around Indy and headed south on SR 37 to Martinsville where we turned on SR 252 and took it to SR 135 turning south towards Nashville In. The Bill Monroe Campground is in the small town of Bean Blossom Indiana. We were the first to arrive around 5:30 and was led to our site. We knew Niles and Deb were close behind us and had no more than backed into our site when we saw them being led towards us. We had back in 50amp sites with water hook ups. The first impression of the campground is not the best. The place needs some TLC and reminds me of more like a fairgrounds than an RV park. Our sites were nice and long and I was able to leave the truck hooked on. After setting up and unloading the bike we hopped into Deb and Nile's truck and ran up the road to a little restaurant for supper. Tim and Linda had arrived and were setting up by the time we got back and we lit a fire in the fire pit and relaxed the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning Linda treated us to biscuits and gravy for breakfast! We decided to head into Nashville to take the gals shopping. Nashville is a neat little town where the entire main strip as well as most of the side streets are one craft shop after another. I guess it's Indiana's answer to Gatlinburg Tn or maybe Eureka Springs Ar. There are lots of local artists that sell their wares as well as just about any kind of crafts and artsy fartsy stuff you could ask for. I did find a pair of chaps that fit pretty well and were not too expensive so I bought them in preparation for our trip on The Blue Ridge Parkway in late June. We were all pretty well shopped out and came back to the rigs around 3:00 and just hung out until supper time. We all ate together on just about every meal and tonight it was Mexican night. We had Tacos, corn cake, Mexican salad, and chips and salsa all followed by a campfire.

Sunday it was Tim's turn to cook and he is a master at the waffle maker. After breakfast we went our separate ways with Rudee and I heading out on a bike ride. We decided to head towards Bloomington on SR 45 which is a nice winding scenic road. We took a small detour and rode around Lake Lemon looking at the houses and catching a glimpse of the water now and then. We did make it to Bloomington and had lunch at Red Lobster. We returned to Nashville via SR 46 and decided to walk thru one of the flea markets where Rudee bought herself a new purse. We made it back to the campers in time to watch the last 3/4 of the Indy 500. Tim brought his TV outside and Niles ran a cable over to his antenna and we all sat outside in the shade and watched the race. I was in charge of frying the fish that Niles and Deb brought which was the remainder of the fish we had caught in Florida and they had kept in their freezer until now. One thing for sure, you don't go hungry around this crowd! We all sat around the campfire and talked until well after dark.

I woke up early this morning to the sound of distant thunder and rain on the roof. The storm missed us but we did have a short period of heavy downpour. The sky's were cloudy all day and it sprinkled on and off while we broke down the camp and prepared to leave. Tim and Linda pulled out first but we were not too far behind. We tried to use the dump station at the park but it turned out to be just a septic tank buried in the ground that they had to empty when it filled up and it was time to empty again since it was filled to the top and overflowing, YUCK!

We stopped at a Flying J truck stop on the way home and weighed the rig. We are carrying 11,500 lbs on the trailer axles which are 6,000lb axles. We are with in 500 lbs of max weight which was a pleasant surprise because I thought we would be over with all of the stuff we have crammed in here. The total weight of the whole rig was 33,000 lbs. WOW over 15 tons!!
We have a short work week this week since we are both taking Friday off. We are going to the GWRRA Indiana District Rally in Greenfield Indiana. We will leave Thursday after work and are looking forward to another 3 day week end. I'll keep you posted.

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