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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

life happens

In case some of you start thinking that living in an RV in a campground is all beer and skittles let me remind you that life still happens. I wish it was just like being on vacation everyday but it's not even close. We are both still very happy with our decision to sell the house and move into the 5th wheel but for the most part our lives really haven't changed that much.
My sister called from Florida where she has been busy with our parents. Both of them have been released from the hospital and are in the same room in the rehab center. She talked to the Doctor who told her there was no getting around them not being able to take care of themselves or each other and they need to be in an assisted living facility. She has gotten some recommendations and will be visiting them to find a place for them to live and get it set up. I know it's a big job Paula and I speak for Jon and Myself when I say we are indebted to you for taking this on, thank you just doesn't seem to say enough. I think my Dad has accepted the fact that it is for the best that they move but I still have a fear that in a few weeks when he gets to feeling better he will want to go home. I'm not sure how we'll deal with that if it happens. I'm realizing that being the "parent" to your parents is not an easy job. They have always been a strong couple, doing almost everything together and staying together is important to both of them. My worry is that with my Mom's increased dementia and my Dad's health condition that they may have to be separated just to get the care that they both need. I guess we'll just take it one step at a time.
I got the happy news today that, yes, we will be adding Fort Wayne to our territory. Oh boy, 300+ mile round trips, great :-( The good news is that they are going to divide the coverage between the 3 of us so I will only have to cover it 4 months of the year. My first month will be July so maybe it wont be too bad, we'll see.
Also on the happy news front, we got a call from our realtor today that the closing on the house, scheduled for tomorrow, has been postponed. It seems the appraiser didn't fill out the paperwork correctly and they just figured it out. I guess he has to re-submit some kind of form that goes to Colorado before the underwriter will give the final approval. We should know something either later tomorrow or Thursday and they have the closing tentatively set for mid-morning Friday. The whole thing is a little upsetting since it took the appraiser 3 weeks after we signed the contract to come out to the house and then another 2 weeks goes by and they are deciding now, the day before the closing, that they need something else. UUUUUGGGGHHHHH!! OK it's out of my system now, blood pressure is going back down, chill out Phil Bob ..... whew. :-)
The campground has been fairly busy with travelers staying overnight and then heading back on the highway the following day. I think the work campers arrived yesterday and set up a couple of sites down from us. I haven't seen them moving about yet but their 5th wheel appears to be set up for a long stay. We met them last fall and will have to stop in and re-introduce ourselves. Tomorrow night is dinner ride night with the Goldwingers, maybe it will be nice enough to ride. I'll keep you posted.

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