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Thursday, May 21, 2009

packing to go

I mentioned that we were going to hook on and bring the slides in and head out for a week end camping trip. Several times this week I have reminded myself to make sure I pack one thing or another to make sure I take it this week end. Well Duh!! You're taking your whole house with you so you don't have to pack and un-pack it all goes. I guess it sounds strange to move our 5th wheel from our permanent spot here at the KOA to another campground only to come back and set it all back up here in a few days but it's not too different from when we had our sticks and bricks house. We would start packing up probably Wednesday evening, hook on Thursday evening and head out on Friday for our week end trip. Now we get to skip all the packing and just enjoy the week end.
The KOA here has been getting busier. There are quite a few in here tonight, possibly getting a head start on the long Holiday weekend or maybe even some race fans using this as their base camp for the race. The track is about a 40 mile straight shot due east of here which is far enough to get away from the crowds and traffic but not too far away to still enjoy the activities. Motorhomes outnumber the 5th wheels and travel trailers here by probably 3 to 1. I can see a definite advantage to traveling in a Motorhome but still prefer our 5th wheel for the extra room it provides. I guess if we were picking up and moving every few days a Motorhome would be preferable but I don't forsee us doing that kind of travel in the foreseeable future. Even after we leave our corporate jobs and "retire" into work camping we are not planning on doing a whirl wind tour of the U.S. We want to take our time and not be rushed our held to a specific schedule. We can't wait to get started!
One thing I have noticed while living here and watching the different people come and go, there are a lot of RV'ers (in fact the majority) who have pets, mostly dogs. The thing that strikes me as strange is that if you look at ads for used RV's the majority of them say "no smoking and no pets". Where do all these people with pets sell their RV's when they are done with them? They surely wouldn't be telling a little fib to us? Don't get me wrong now, I'm not downing people that have pets in RV's. To each there own. A pet just does not fit into our lifestyle at this point in time. I am just curious how an overwhelming majority of RV's carry pets but then an overwhelming majority of used RV's advertise no pets?? Strange. Our Friend Gayle Pike has pet turtles that she travels with. Sorry Gayle but I don't think I could warm up to a turtle. They don't seem to be too affectionate. I kept trying to see her take them for a walk because being a responsible pet owner you clean up after your pet leaves their deposit but I never saw Gayle carrying any of those little green bags when she walked her turtles like the dog owners have. Maybe turtles just keep their's inside the shell? :-)
Tomorrow after work we hook on and head out for a 3 day week end. Whoo Hoo! I'll keep you posted.

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