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Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting old stinks

This is our last full day here in Florida. We have gotten almost everything done on our list and should be able to finish it all up today. Rudee and I talked about taking a little time for ourselves this evening and going out for a nice dinner somewhere. I have come to the conclusion that getting old stinks. Unfortunately we have little control over it and have to do our best to make our senior years as comfortable as possible. My parents do not have any long term care provisions (insurance) so they have to depend on their income and savings to finance their new lifestyle. They do have great medical insurance from his pension that pays for virtually all their medications which is a huge savings. I know Rudee's parents pay out the nose for the few medications they are taking. I guess this whole experience with my parents has reiterated the need to plan for your future. Now don't get me wrong here, we are still dreaming of the day we can retire begin to move our home around this great country. Our plans have not changed and we can see a huge advantage to having our home on wheels but there comes a time when all fulltimers have to make the decision to either come off the road for good, park it in one place more often (or permanent) or ?? We are members of Escapee's RV Club and one of the benefits they offer is their "Care" facility. The facility is located at their Livingston Texas headquarters and is an assisted living place that lets you live on a site at their park in your RV. They do the same as any assisted living place, meals, medication, help with daily living etc. but you get to stay in your own home. The cost right now is $800 per month for one and $1200 for two (compared to the 1,000's others charge) and is a great alternative to have. I believe it is the only one like it in the country. They have a day care for Alzheimer's patients which gives the care giver a break during the day. Check it out here http://www.escapeescare.org/ .
I talked to my brother last night and my nephew was driving to school and lost control in a curve and ended up in a creek. The p/u truck was on it's side and due to all the rains the creek was running high and fast. The water was up to the edge of the the drivers window and he couldn't get out! He tried to kick the back window out as the truck was filling with water and while he was doing that a log floating down the creek crashed into the drivers window and broke it out and he was able to swim out unharmed!! The Lord was looking out for him. I am still getting goose bumps telling the story.
Well we are off for another full day here in Zephyrhills Florida. Say a little prayer for us if you get the chance and thank Him for looking out for my nephew. I'll keep you posted.

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