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Sunday, May 3, 2009

a night at the races

We were up and back at the house early again this morning. We only had a few things to finish up on. I packed up the few things I wanted to keep from the shed and Rudee sorted thru the papers and photos that was left in the house. By 1:00pm we were done and did our final walk thru making sure all the rooms, closets, cabinets and drawers were all empty. One last look around and a kiss for luck and we walked out of our home that we built and lived in for the past 15 years. It felt pretty good.
I hopped in the Freightliner and followed Rudee back to our new home where we unloaded the rest of our stuff. We had to hurry though because we were going to the races. No, not the Kentucky Derby, we were going to one of the Saturday night dirt track sprint/midget races that Indiana is famous for. I have always been a race fan. I remember back when I was growing up we would always camp with our camping club on Memorial week end. The group would gather around a radio on Sunday so we could listen to the Indy 500. We would have a pool that morning and for a quarter you could pick a driver out of a hat. We would keep track of the standings as the race was going on and whoever had the winning driver won all the $$. This went on for many years until the camping group fell apart and now only a few still remain, most have passed away over the years or like my parents moved away or are to old to camp anymore. We had lots of good times growing up around these fine folks. The races last night were at the US 24 Speedway in Logansport In. We met with our good friends Tim Ranney and Linda Mockler at the track. Linda's daughter Stephanie http://www.stephaniemockler.com/ was racing her mini sprint in both the winged and non-winged classes. Stephanie is a very talented race car driver and like a lot of up and coming drivers she just needs the right deal to come along to catapult her to the big time. We got to the track about 6:00 and watched some of the practice laps and then they qualified for the the nights races. There were 4 different classes with the two Stephanie was racing being the fastest. They qualify first then they have 2 semi's in each class where cars that did not qualify fast enough can race their way into the feature race. They then have a trophy dash where the fastest 6 cars race. They had over 75 cars there competing in the 4 classes. We sat in the top row of the stands and still got clobbered with dirt when the cars went around. I loved it! Stephanie started 10th in both of her feature races. She raced hard and finished 7th in the Winged and 5th in the non-winged. There were a few crashes and Stephanie was involved in a minor scrape and dented her wing up but it didn't seem to phase her at all and she was right back on the gas. The races ended about 11:30 and we made it back home just before 1:00am which is about 3 hours past this old boy's bedtime!! We had a great time watching her race and spending time with Tim and Linda and are looking forward to doing it again real soon.

I talked to my Dad yesterday and he sounded stronger. I didn't get to talk to my Mom but he said she had walked down to his room and she was doing better getting around but still hurting pretty bad. My sister will be there in the morning and we'll have a better update then on just what needs to happen.

Rudee is sleeping in this morning and so far I'm not too motivated myself but I would like to get out and do some mushroom hunting. Tis the season you know. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Ww will keep Bob and June in our prayers. We also will lift both of you and Paula in our Thoughts.

    I too remember the great people of the Indiana Campers Association. They come to mind about every time we get the trailer out. Most are mow gone but memories will stay with me forever.

    Hang in their friend.

  2. Thanks, Wayne and Sherrie. I'll be sure and pass that along to them next time I call. Writing the last post brought back lot's of memories of Edgewood Lake and all the other places we all camped at growing up. Seems like yesterday!!