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Friday, May 1, 2009

bad news

I got a call today from my sister in Seattle who had talked to my Dad. He is being readmitted back into the hospital. He has (or never fully recovered from) pneumonia again. The doctor told him that it was time to face the fact he and my Mom needed more care than they could provide each other. They will be admitted to an assisted living facility in Zephyrhills when they are both released. We all feel this is for the best and I think they do too, at least right now they do. I called my Dad and he sounded really weak and said he felt like he wouldn't be coming out of the hospital this time so we talked about that for awhile. Paula will be flying down on Sunday and making the arrangements with the assisted living place so that will all be set up when they are released. She will be there a week and then we may have to drive the pick up truck down and move some things over for them and make sure they are settled in. Right now we are playing it by ear. Rudee and I have both put our bosses on notice that we may have to be gone. Hopefully we will have a better plan on who, what, when and where next week. Thankfully we had researched the facilities available to us and Paula had met with them and toured them when she was there last December. At least we were somewhat prepared for that part of it. Now we just have all the other little things to help them take care of. It's difficult trying to do that stuff from here but we are doing our best. Keep us in your prayers. I'll keep you posted.

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