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Saturday, May 9, 2009

up, up and away!!

We were looking forward to a nice week end with friends at the campground, well things change fast here don't they. Right now (Saturday at 1:45pm) I am sitting at the gate at Indianapolis International Airport waiting to board a flight to Tampa. My parents are being released from the nursing home/rehab facility on Tuesday and someone has to go down and move them in. My sister is leaving there tomorrow morning and has pretty much arranged everything but has to head home and back to her life. My brother has work commitments so it falls to me. I got the call last evening and Rudee and I decided to head down, figuring we would drive. I checked on flights and found round trip flights for both of us for less than $500 total and figured it would cost us this much in gas and motels driving down and back, not to mention the time it would take, so we booked flights. We figure we will get them settled in and then get as much stuff done at the house as we can. Rudee had the chance to talk to her boss but my boss didn't answer his cell so I could only leave a message about me being off the next week. I had warned him last week that I may need to pick up and go at a moments notice so I hope they don't penalize me too much. I have been getting the feeling based on some of their meetings and changes to our territories that things would be better in the Indy office if there were only 2 appraisers instead of 3. I'm the old guy that makes the most $$ and did not come from AIG so I figure I would be the likely target. Hopefully we will get some stability after Farmers takes us over in another couple of months.
Niles and Deb dropped us off here at the airport and are going to pick us up next Saturday when we return. I don't know if we are going to stay at my parents house the full week or move into a motel. At this point I'm not sure right how much furniture will fit into their new place and if the new renter wants their current house partially furnished or totally empty. Paula was meeting with her this morning so we should have a good idea what we can and cannot do by tonight. I'm not sure if I will be able to update the blog but will try when I can. I'll keep you posted.

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