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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

back in the groove

Rudee and I are both back in "work" mode. Sunday I was able to get the bike loaded up onto the truck in anticipation of our trip this week end. Niles and Deb have invited us to tag along with them down to Brown County Indiana for the holiday week end. We are staying at the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Campground in Beanblossom In. Niles was down there last month and did a drive thru scoping out facilities. We used to have a toy hauler and enjoyed it but did not think we wanted to fulltime in it because of the limited living space. We traded it for our Montana and were planning on pulling the bike behind, we even built a swivel wheel trailer to accommodate the bike. This set up had some issues and I never felt comfortable towing the bike and wanted something better. I had researched the possibility of using an HDT (heavy duty truck) and felt this was a very good alternative. We found the truck and mounted the ramp on the back and have been real pleased ever since. The bike being loaded looks a little scary at first but we have had no problems. I can load it and unload it by myself in about 10 minutes and once it's tied down it's rock solid. We do have a camera mounted on the truck and can watch the bike while we are traveling just to make sure all is well back there.

We took the Dakota to Plainfield last evening and had a taunneau cover installed. The bed is now covered and hopefully fairly water tight. We are planning to store some stuff in the bed in plastic totes. We met Rudee's Mom and Dad at Applebee's for dinner and enjoyed seeing them. We plan on staying home tonight and getting started on our packing up for this week end, plus I have to bake something for a bake sale at the goldwing meeting. They are having the guys all bring something homemade, should be interesting. I'll keep you posted.

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