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Saturday, May 16, 2009

heading home

Our week here in Florida is over. We fly out this evening from Tampa back to Indianapolis. This has been a tough week but we got a lot accomplished. We got them admitted to the assisted living facility, moved the furniture in that they were keeping, got them released from the nursing home and moved over to the new digs, arranged for the rest of their furniture to be picked up and auctioned, forwarded their mail, transferred their phone, re-arranged their homeowners insurance, got power of attorney for both of them and changed their address on just about everything we could think of. I'm sure there will be more to come but I think the worst is over, or am I dreaming?? :-).
Rudee and I were able to take a little time for ourselves last night. We saw an advertisement for a seafood restaurant in New Port Richey so decided to give it a try. The traffic over was a bear and took us about 1 1/2 hours to drive the 45 minutes. We arrived at Catches Waterfront Grille http://www.catcheswaterfrontgrille.com/ about 5:30 and just did beat the crowd. They had live jazz music and either indoor seating or out on the patio overlooking the water. We chose an outdoor table. We started with clam chowder and our entree' was grilled shrimp, of course we split a meal since we don't eat as much since surgery. The shrimp were large and we couldn't finish what we had. The whole meal was very good and the total bill was only $23. After dinner we took a walk along the pier watching the water, no dolphins but I don't think Rudee was disappointed. The trip back was not as bad. We just chilled out in the room and watched a little TV before going to bed.
Our plan today is to spend some time with my Dad before he goes to dialysis at 11:00 and then we'll have lunch with my Mom. I arranged for a taxi to pick us up at their apartment at 2:30 for the trip to the airport. We fly out at 5:20 and this will give us time to eat an early supper at the airport before we have to board. Niles and Deb are meeting us in Indy to take us back home. I miss our little home on wheels and will be happy to get back to it. I'll keep you posted.

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