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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Florida has been a whirlwind. We had a nice flight down and my sister, Paula, met us at the airport. We stopped for a quick dinner on the way to Zephyrhills and then we all stayed at my Mom and Dad's house for the night. Paula had to leave at 3am to go to the airport for her flight back to Tacoma.
Sunday there was not a lot we could do since most of the business' were closed. We kept busy sorting thru stuff and getting a plan of action in place and of course we visited with my parents at the nursing home.
Paula had laid all the ground work for their new apartment. We had to wait on a form to be filled out by their family doctor and faxed over the the facility before we could pay the deposit and get the keys. The doctors office was supposed to have faxed it over on Friday but did not. Monday morning we were up and calling at 8:00 a/m when they opened and not getting very far. The receptionist would only say that the nurse that fills them out had them and was "working" on it. The new place is called Westwind so we went there to see if they could help us get things moving along. We talked to the business office manager and was told there was nothing that could be done until the forms from the doctor were received. Yikes, looks like it's going to be a long day already and it's only 9:00!! We left there and went to the doctors office where we met with the nurse who assured us she would have them done and faxed over by noon. During all this Rudee had made contact with a local auction company who wanted to come and look at the remaining furniture at 2:00 today. We had a quick breakfast and then back to the house to start emptying drawers, cabinets and closets. We took a break at noon and went to visit my parents again and grab a quick lunch at Sonny's Bar-B-Q. We called the doctors office and the forms had been faxed so we called Westwind to confirm they were received, got them!! Next step was for the Westwind nurse to go over and do a quick pre-admission interview and screening. Kay, the RN, said she would be over to meet them with in the hour and then if no other issues we would be set to pay up and move in. Back to the house to meet the auction guys! They showed up right a 2:00 with a big enclosed trailer and some strong help. We went over what stayed and what we were getting rid of and signed the papers. The guys got to work and with in 2 hours the house was virtually empty. I called my cousin David who lives nearby and he is coming over this morning with his truck to help me move the rest of their stuff into the new place. By now it was after 4:00 so we ran out to Westwinds and paid the deposit and p/u the keys. What a day!! We went over to let my parents know everything that had happened through out the day and they were pleased with all the progress. We stayed with them for an hour or so and were just too tired to do much more. Since we had sold the bed we had been sleeping in we grabbed some Wendy burgers (a little local flavor, right Niles?) and we checked into a motel for the rest of the week.
Today we move the rest of their furniture over. They only have a one bedroom and the whole place is only about 400 sq. ft. so we couldn't take too much with us. They will have 2 recliners in the living room and we are going to get them a small kitchen table, probably a drop leaf, because theirs was way too big. Paula had already gotten them a new TV and stand since their TV was a big screen and would take up too much room. The move shouldn't take us too long and then we can concentrate on all the little stuff that has to be brought over. I was able to change their address on line last night and get their mail forwarded so they should start getting mail again before we leave. I guess out of the 1000 things that need to happen we are on about #650, but were making progress!! I'll keep you posted.

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