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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weather ups and downs

You gotta love spring in Indiana. Last week we hit 80 degrees 3 days in a row and now we are on the roller coaster ride of temperatures. Monday it never got out of the 50's and rained, yesterday it made it to the mid 60's and we had low hanging clouds all day. Today is about the same as yesterday except the clouds are now letting loose of their moisture and it's been raining hard all morning. The leaves are out on the trees and everything is turning green again, gotta love that. Despite the cool temperature we did ride the bike last night to dinner with our Goldwing Chapter. We all meet in Lebanon and ride to a pre-arranged restaurant and have dinner. The ride last night was about 50 miles away and we had a nice time.
I have been having a problem with the LP (propane) on our 5th wheel. We have two 30lb tanks that are in cabinets on opposite sides of the coach. The tank on the passenger side is the culprit. There is an automatic switch that detects when the tank you are using is empty and switches over to the opposite tank. When using the curb side tank the stove/oven and water heater work fine but the furnace will come on once and after the thermostat shuts it down it wont come back on again to maintain the set temperature. I can switch the full tank over to the drivers side and it works fine again. I went on the Montana Owners forum and asked for advice. There is a red regulator in the curbside compartment and most said it was likely bad so I replaced it and still had the problem. I called an RV tech and he said there has been some issues with the hoses being kinked or collapsing due to bad hoses and to try and replacing it. I have not done that as yet and need to get off my you know what and get it taken care of. I guess if this doesn't work then we will be off to dealership land for repairs. I guess we could take the 5th wheel in when we go on our vacation in June and get it repaired then if needed. I hope that isn't necessary.

I never understood why campgrounds have to be built next to railroads! It seems that everywhere we go there is usually a railroad that runs right beside the campground. I think it must be a campground building requirement :). The KOA here is no exception with a railroad track not too far behind us. The trains don't really bother us since the tracks are a good distance away but you can hear them from time to time. We went to a campground once in Northern Indiana and crossed the tracks on the way to the entrance. We were in week-end getaway mode and really didn't even give it a thought until, while setting up, we heard the train horn and then the train went by within 100 yards of the camper! Oh well one train wasn't too bad. Then 30 minutes later another came along, this went on until 11pm and then started the next morning at 5am. You could almost set your watch by the trains going by every 30 minutes! We had to laugh about it. These are the things that that make RVing such an adventure :). We are planning on a quiet night at home tonight, and no plans for the week end, as Nick Russell from the Gypsy Journal Travel Paper says, our plans are written in jello. Feels good. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Come to think about it that has been the case at most campgrounds. Look forward to seeing the two of you at Lebonon in 3 weeks.