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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

another decision made

We met Steve and Trish at BINGO last night in Lebanon. We didn't have the luck we have had the past couple of times :( but Trish won an early bird game for $50 so our table wasn't skunked :). Today has been a wet and gloomy day with on again off again showers and even some fog in areas. I am still not real busy at work but holding my own, not a huge number of assignments but they are spread out enough that it makes my day go fast just driving from one to another.

We kind of decided that we are going to do a motorcycle vacation over the week of the 4th of July. We had talked about taking the whole rig and going somewhere but Rudee made a good point when she reminded me that we live in our 5th wheel fulltime now and can enjoy it 24/7 and it's OK to leave it for a week to take a vacation. So I took the bull by the horns or the cow by the udders or something like that :) and am planning a trip that will give us a couple of days in Gatlinburg Tn. and then spend the rest of the week ambling up the Blue Ridge Parkway just taking our time and enjoying the ride. We are hoping to have enough time to visit Mt. Airy North Carolina which was the hometown of Andy Griffith and was the inspiration for his TV hometown of Mayberry before we have to head back home. We are both looking forward to having some time off.

We are going to Brownsburg to set up our new address as soon as Rudee finishes work. One thing all fulltimers have to face is where their mail goes. This is accomplished by using a mail service. Most of the big RV clubs have (or can recommend) this type of service. I know Escapees RV Club has a huge facility in Texas and Good Sam's have a similar one in Florida. We have to maintain our Indiana residences since we are working here fulltime so we need to establish an address here. UPS has outlet stores that also offer mail service and provides you with an actual street address vs. just a P.O box number and the closest one to us is in Brownsburg. Some companies (incl some banks and credit companies) refuse to accept a P.O. box # as an address and want a physical street number so this avoids any confusion. I will start forwarding our mail to our new "address" later this week and then we can either pick it up at the UPS store if we are in the area or they will send it to us here at the campground. Of course this service costs and I'll let you know what it all works out to be once we get it set up and running. I'll keep you posted.

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