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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Computer problems

I had a busy day planned yesterday so got an early start since I had a lot of miles to drive and several cars to look at. I tried to log onto my work computer and it picked yesterday morning to puke on me. I couldn't get into it no matter what I tried so I called the company help desk. I talked to a women there who was not having a very good day. She was upset when she answered the phone and it was obvious that my problem did not help her outlook on life. She was mad at me for not having the same amount of knowledge on computers that she supposedly has and was very impatient with me. She finally said she would have to escalate my problem to someone else but they did not come in for another 2 hours. I was fine with this, anything to get away from her! I went to work anyway figuring I could take my pictures and keep notes on the cars I saw and enter the estimates into my system when they got me up and running again. I got a call around 10:30 from a very helpful young man who had my password reset and on my system in about 5 minutes. I appreciated that and thanked him over and over.
Rudee has been working hard from her home office here in the 5er. She really likes not having to commute everyday. I guess she does commute a whole 30' from the bedroom to the living room :).
We went out with our Goldwing friends for the scheduled Wed night ride to dinner. We went to Frankfort In. to The Island Restaurant. The place doesn't look like much from the outside but they have good food and service and that's what counts. We shared a steak and shrimp dinner. There were a few that rode their bikes but Rudee and I took the car so we could run some errands on the way.
The weather is looking up here. The forecast calls for highs near 80 and sunny for the next several days. Should work out good for the garage sale. We got a call from our realtor yesterday that all is well on the house and we are set for closing on May 6th at 4pm. Yikes that's only 2 weeks away!! I'll keep you posted.

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