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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well all your good luck wishes paid off in a big way. I BINGO'd last night on a cover all and won $310.00!! Happy dance :) They offer a bigger payout on this one game of you cover your card in 56 numbers or less and I did it in 55. I was a happy guy and it worked out pretty cool because I ordered a tonneau cover for our truck yesterday and my winnings last night paid for it.
I have still been slow on assignments for work but Rudee is slow too so it's probably just the time of year and will pick up soon. We went out for breakfast last Saturday and I saw a guy that we used to work with 10 years ago at another insurance company. We said "hi" and talked to him for awhile. He is now the manager of a claims office for a smaller company based just up the road from us. I asked if he needed any field appraisers and he said he would like to hire at least 2 but they wont let him open up the positions yet. I figure it never hurts to keep my options open just in case. There was also an ad I found where a paintless dent repair company was looking for appraisers to do catastrophe work. I may look at this real hard when we are ready to start moving around. This could be a way to make some additional money to support our travels.
It was cold again last night, dropped down to 28* and will be close to that again tonight and then looks like it's going to warm up and be nice again. I'll keep you posted!

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