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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Turkey Run

Yesterday we decided to get out and enjoy the great weather predicted. We were up early and stopped at a local restaurant for a quick breakfast. We then drove the 20 miles to Turkey Run State Park http://www.turkeyrunstatepark.com/ . We paid our $5.00 entrance fee and made a quick stop at the Nature Center. We wanted to get out on the trails as early as we could so we could have the trail to ourselves. The temp was 40* but the sun was shining and they promised a quick warm up. Turkey Run is my favorite Indiana State Park. There is a very nice campground with electric hook ups and water hydrants available to fill your tank if you show up empty. They don't have any sewer sites but there is a dump station available. The big draw is the topography of the park. Sugar Creek runs thru it and is a popular canoe/kayak area. The creek carved out canyons in the limestone rock and there are several miles of trails thru the forest and rocks. We were headed for trail 5 which was described as moderate terrain and approx. 2 miles round trip from the Nature Center. The park has built a suspension bridge across Sugar Creek to access the trails and this is where our trail started and ended. We hiked for about 1 1/2 hours and saw some pretty spring flowers a really fast chipmunk and several birds and squirrels. We enjoyed our hike and were glad we went early because there were lots of people who were on their way into the trails as we were leaving. We only ran into 3 other couples during our hike and were able to have the trail to ourselves most of the time. We drove to the Inn at the park and had a quick lunch. They have a nice restaurant and serve a buffet lunch and dinner. We ordered a cheeseburger and salad off the regular menu and shared, it was really good.
I am really proud of both Rudee and myself because this time last year we wouldn't have considered this hike let alone walking any distance at all because I weighed over 390lbs and Rudee was over 250. We were both unhealthy reformed smokers who could hardly move. We decided (in November of 07) to have bariatric surgery to help us control our weight. My surgery was done on June 3rd and Rudee's was done on the 17th. The surgeon was reluctant to do both of us that close to each other but we persisted and he finally agreed. We were able to help each other thru the different phases of recovery and are very happy we went thru this together. I have lost 170 lbs to date and Rudee has lost about 110lbs. We feel wonderful and now just have to keep the weight from coming back on. It's funny to see friends we have not seen in a year or two and they don't recognize us!
Last evening we were at Deb and Niles' house for a pitch in meal with his family, and the Maine (and Connecticut) contingent staying in his driveway. Gail, Gordon and AL gave us a bluegrass concert after dinner and we all had a ball. Thanks guys. Today we are heading for Rudee's parents house for Easter dinner and an egg hunt for the kids, should be a fun day. I'll keep you posted.

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