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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cleaning house

Rudee had the afternoon off yesterday and since my work is slow we were able to spend some time at the house. Rudee emptied kitchen cabinets and priced things for the garage sale while I supervised. I didn't feel real chipper and took it easy most of the afternoon. We plan on having our last sale on April 11 and then donating or tossing everything else. We took a big load of furniture to our son's apartment in Columbus Oh. last week end and our daughter has taken several pieces as well. We don't have a lot left to sell and hope to get rid of everything else that week end.

The reason Rudee was off is because her company is letting her "unit" work from home and she had to be there to accept the delivery of her "office". The desk and chair showed up about 4:30 and they unloaded it into the garage. We have no room in the 5th wheel for a desk since it already has a built in one which she will use for her work station. Her company knows all this but insisted on sending the desk anyway, saying it was part of the "package" and it's ours to do whatever we want with. We are giving it to our daughter to use in her house (she works for the same company) and if they ever want it back it will be close. Seems like just a waste of money but who can figure what some of these companies are thinking these days.

She starts her work from home program on April 17th and can't wait. No more commuting!! Only down side is they require a hard wired phone line with high speed internet. We can't use air cards or satellite so it does limit our flexibility some. We are thinking that in year or two we can start doing a snowbird type thing and spend our winters in the warm weather but it depends on my job situation. We are going to keep our options open and see what happens. Maybe I can ease into work camping if the right situation presents itself. I guess that's one of the benefits of having a house on wheels !!

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