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Friday, April 17, 2009

Home at last, Home at last ......

We have had some busy times here. Wednesday evening we had our GWRRA chapter meeting in Lebanon. We had several new couples join us and we enjoyed getting to know new friends. We meet at the Arni's restaurant in Lebanon. The food there is good, more of a pizza place than anything else, but they do have good salads and sandwiches too.

Thursday we went to our oldest grandchild Nicholas' spring concert. He is in kindergarten and it's fun to go to these things and watch the kids perform. They sang a few songs and "played" some instruments. We were glad it didn't last too long because we didn't have time for supper before rushing to the school. We stopped on the way home for mexican and still made it back before 8:00. Good friends Mike and Penny Kadinger stopped in to see us and spent about an hour visiting. I felt bad because we had started setting up Rudee's computer at the desk and had everything scattered all over. Things can get messy quick when you are living in a small box!
Rudee's first day working at home is today. We set up her computer last night and she was up and running pretty easy. She says things have been going smooth today. I had several inspections today and had to drive a 200 mile round trip between my first one and the rest. I usually just grab a lunch and eat in the car between inspects rather than stop somewhere and take the hour off like I am supposed to. This way I can get done early and take the hour on the back end of the day. Works pretty good most of the time.
They announced yesterday that my division has finally been sold. We knew we were up for barter and I am glad they have a commitment. For those that don't know I work for a large insurance company as a field appraiser for auto insurance. I worked for a nice small company where everyone pretty much knew everybody else and we all felt like a team even though we were scattered all over the country. Last year we merged with the Insurance giant and things changed (for the worse as for as I am concerned). Then the giant company had a catastrophic failure and had to be bailed out by the government (figured out who I work for yet?). They split all the personal insurance away from the giant and started calling us by my old companies name. I was worried they were trying to pull a fast one on the tax payers and not sell us so I was relieved to hear the news yesterday. I look forward to being able to not be ashamed to tell people where I work. Oh and by the way, no I didn't get a million $ bonus, in fact people on my level have not had a raise in 3 years, and we're the ones keeping things running, figures huh?
Well enough on that rant. We are heading out to Niles and Deb's tonight for buffalo steaks on the grille. The Nor'easter are moving on in a couple of days so this will be our last chance to see them until next fall. We are going to walk in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk tomorrow, we are doing the 1 mile family walk with a bunch from Rudee's company. Maybe if we keep up this exercise stuff we can do the 5k next year!! I'll keep you posted.

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