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Monday, April 20, 2009

Is the end in sight??

We were up early Sunday and headed back to Lebanon to work on the garage sale (again!!). We did stop at Flapjack's, our favorite place in Lebanon for breakfast. Rudee got busy pricing and putting stuff on the tables that we had set up. I tackled the shed. We worked until noon and took a break for lunch at El Jaripeo, we shared some Tacos, chips and cheese ....... umm good. We were able to get everything priced and ready to go. We ran out of room on the tables but Mike and Penny offered us a couple more to use so we'll get those later this week and do a little more setting up. We decided to have the sale Friday from 8-3 and Saturday from 8-12. What doesn't sell gets hauled to either Goodwill, the burn pile or the dump as the case may be. My hope is to get the house empty by end of day Saturday.

Sorting thru all of our stuff brought back memories. We found old forgotten pictures, newspaper clippings and keepsakes that we at some point felt it was important to keep. There is an emotional aspect to all this. We are not too emotional about the leaving the house but there is always the nagging questions that pop up from time to time like: "is this the right decision?" , "is this the right time?", "what if?". We are both committed to this type of lifestyle and so far are enjoying living in our home on wheels and since we are both still fairly young and have good careers we can buy another house if we decide this is not for us. One thing is for sure. Getting rid of accumulated stuff is a hard job. When you move from one house to another you always have stuff boxed up and can leave it in the box and unpack at your leisure. When you move from a house into a 400 sq. ft. 5th wheel you can't do that, space just will not allow it. Therefore you have to "do" something with everything either keep it, sell it, donate it or throw it away but it all has to be dealt with individually and this is a BIG job. We are both looking forward t having this behind us and we can relax and enjoy our week ends.

We met some of our Goldwing friends at Arnie's last evening for supper. We have a standing reservation there every Sunday around 6pm and usually have 4-5 couples there. Rudee and I had pizza and salad. We have not eaten pizza much since our surgery but it was a nice treat last night. Before surgery we would eat it 3 times a week and we could polish off a large deep dish on short order, now we share an individual thin crust and maybe share a side salad. This fills us both up like a Thanksgiving meal!!

Matthew called and he and Mandie (pictured above) are driving over to get the car today. We plan on taking them out to dinner so we can visit with them a little before they have to get back to Columbus. I'll keep you posted.

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