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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tale of the times

My work has been a little slow so far this week. I am a field appraiser for a large insurance company. I don't mind the work too much, and I do have the freedom to kinda set my own schedule as long as I get my assignments done and am available by phone during the work day they pretty much leave me alone. Late yesterday the home office announced a 7% layoff and they are closing 4 offices across the country. I didn't get a call to come in and bring all my company equipment so I guess I didn't get cut but it's still scary. I feel for all the people going thru lay offs and the changes it must make to your lifestyle. We have been planning on being fulltime RVers for the past 3 years or more. I believe, given the state of the economy and the job situation, that this gives us more options if the the sky should happen to fall on our heads.

The KOA here is slowly coming to life. There have been at least 2 overnighters here every night for the past week, (maybe snowbirds coming north?). I look forward to having some more neighbors. It always seems like the RV parks around here don't get in full swing until after Memorial Day and then are full until after Labor Day. The weather is improving with more days in the 50's then in the 30's yea! We had some rain last night and it was nice laying in bed hearing it hit the roof. Nothing like falling asleep in your RV to the sound of a gentle rain.

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