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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's a word thing.

What is the definition of a Fulltime Rver? I read several blogs and participate in some RV forums and this topic invariably comes up. All agree that to be one you have to live in your RV fulltime. Sounds simple enough but some want to split that hair a little thinner and say you have to travel fulltime in your RV and not just live in it in one place. Others say you can only stay in one place no longer than 2 weeks to a month before moving on to be considered a "true" fulltimer. Still others insist that you be retired or at the most work camping or you are considered "migrant workers" and not full time RVers. Call me what you will but I'm a fulltimer who works from my RV and does not travel much (because of the work) and if I don't fit your mold than I think you have the issue and not me. I enjoy reading what others write but get a little peeved when someone infers that all RV's are motorhomes, all RVer's are retired and all fulltimers are over 65 and live south of the Mason Dixon line in the winter. We are prime example that fulltimers come in all shapes and sizes. We would love to quit our jobs and "hit the road" but it's just not possible right now. We have made no secret that we have to get our finances in order and our home paid for before we can consider a change in our fulltiming. We do have a plan and as Rudee likes to say we are "working the plan". Since we can't travel around the country at our leisure we are stuck doing our traveling on our vacation time. We have the week of July 4th off and have not really decided on any destination yet. We talked about going to Washington DC since it's been a long time since we were there (30 years). We are not even sure if we will take the whole rig or make this a motorcycle vacation. I have thought about going to Mount Airy N.C. and seeing Andy Griffith sights and then riding some of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We are members of Escapees and they have a park near Knoxville Tn so this is a possibility too and we could take day trips into the Smokey Mountains on the bike. Any other suggestions?
Weather here has been bad the last couple of days. Yesterday was cold and rainy and today was colder and rainy mixed with some sleet .......... brrrrr. Supposed to start getting warmer and sunnier starting tomorrow and then pushing into the low 80's by Friday, whoo hoo!!
Matthew and Mandie came yesterday. Mandie left last evening and Matthew spent the night and is driving back today. It was nice seeing them and hope to get with them again real soon.
Work is starting to pick up a little today so will probably be busy the rest if the week. I got 6 new assignments today which isn't too bad but they are pretty spread out. Oh well, makes the day go quicker and gets us 1 day closer to retirement.
I got a call Monday from my Dad (picture above), he was in the hospital and they said he has pneumonia and they are keeping him for a few days to give him antibiotics. I talked to him yesterday and he sounded stronger and said he was feeling better but didn't expect to go home until today at the earliest. I'll keep you posted.

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