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Friday, April 3, 2009


Had a bumpy night last night due to some thunderstorms passing thru. Today is cold, damp and windy out. We were hoping they would turn the water on at our site. Right now they only have the water turned on at one row of sites which have the hydrants wrapped with heat tape to prevent freezing. The 7 day forecast says Sunday night and Monday night will have lows in the upper 20's so it doesn't look like they will be in any hurry to turn it on yet. When our tank is getting low I stretch a hose across to the "turned on" row and fill up. It takes pretty much all the hose I carry (150') to reach. We have been filling up about every 3-4 days as long as we don't do a lot of laundry and I'm looking forward to not having to lug hose around twice a week.

We are hoping to get together with some friends this week end. Gail and Gordon Pike (top photo)from Maine are staying at our good friends Niles and Deb's (bottom photo) for a week or so on their trip home from Florida. We all met Gail and Gordan at the park we stayed at when we went to Florida over Christmas. They were spending their first snow bird winter there and we all hit it off and had a great time. Niles and Deb have a Big Horn 5th wheel and we travel together quite a bit. We have been to Florida with them twice and have a trip to Sturgis in the works for next year. They also have a Goldwing and we do lots of riding together. Niles owns several semi trucks and was a huge help when I purchased my Freightliner, he has been very patient with me and all my questions about big trucks. We also have a birthday party on Sunday for our middle granddaughter Avalynn who will be 4 years old. Time sure does go by quick, seems like just a short time ago we were celebrating her mothers 4th birthday!! Looks like we'll have plenty to do before we have to head back out to work on Monday. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Wow, I can't believe you are really doing this! What fun. We spent the day working in the yard, guess you don't have to do that anymore:)

    Your sister