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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Long day

We were up and gone by 5:45 this morning. That's way too early in my book but we had to be at Amanda and Ryan's house at 6:15 to pick them up. We all went to the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure breast cancer event in downtown Indianapolis. Rudee and Amanda's
company were sponsoring part of the race and several of their co-workers were participating. They had a 5K run and a 5k walk where prizes were awarded and a 1 mile family walk for fun. We did the family walk but may try the 5k next year. We arrived downtown and parked in a parking garage fairly close to the event. The place was packed and the news media was out in force with live broadcasts and helicopters circling overhead. We killed time walking around the vendor tents and people watching until our walk started at 9:45. The course was crowded and it didn't help that we started out on a 4 lane street and then were funneled down to a 6' wide side walk but we all made it OK. The walk took us about an hour and the finish line was near the garage where we parked so we were able to "get outta Dodge" before the rush of people leaving. On the way back to Amanda's we stopped at Hooters and had a nice lunch.

Back at the house Rudee sorted thru some more garage sale stuff while I mowed the yard. Since it was getting up into the 70's today I got the Goldwing out and rode into town and washed all the dust off that has collected on it over the winter. It sure felt nice getting back in the saddle. I got back to the house and Rudee agreed to go for a ride. She followed me to the KOA and then hopped on. We rode for about an hour and ended up at Applebee's where we had an early dinner. We have a dvd movie to watch and then we are going to bed (we're pooped!!). Tomorrow the plan is to go back to the house and finish getting the garage sale stuff set up for the sale on Friday. I'll keep you posted.

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