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Friday, April 24, 2009

Tired !!

We were up early this morning. It's garage sale day!! We started out from the 5th wheel at 5:30 this morning and headed to Lebanon. We had a quick breakfast at Flapjack's and headed to the house. I had gotten a call last night from a guy wanting to buy the mower and he was coming around 8:30 to buy it and haul it away. We were happy it sold so quickly but this meant I had to get in gear and mow the grass one last time so it wouldn't get out of hand prior to the closing on the 6th. I'm sure my neighbors were happy to have me mowing my yard at 7:15 this morning :( Oh well last time for that I guess. The sale was advertised in the paper to start at 8:00, of course we had people showing up at 7:30 to shop. We really didn't mind since we had gotten everything set up fairly early and were ready to get the thing over with. The shopping was brisk and we got rid of a lot of stuff. The dresser was bought by a young couple who needed help loading it in their mini van, I took one look at the van and since the lived in Lebanon offered to load it in my truck and follow them home. We sold coats, dishes, pots, pans, a tent, and so many odds and ends I lost count. We still have the desk and the entertainment center so maybe they will go tomorrow. We were both exhausted by the closing time of 3:00. We met up with Deb and Niles and went to Sheridan to the Red Onion Restaurant for dinner and then headed home. Looks like an early night for us.
We had something a little strange happen to us yesterday and this morning. We were coming back to the campground from the house around 8:00pm and passed a guy riding a bicycle and pulling a small wagon type trailer behind. The trailer had a sign that said something about him being homeless and hungry. Looked like maybe he was down on his luck and pedalling thru. We saw him about 15 miles from the campground out in the country on S.R. 32. Rudee commented that she wondered where he was going to sleep at. Fast forward to this morning and as we were driving out of the campground guess who we saw? Yep, same guy had his bicycle parked in one of the sites and was wrapped up in blankets sleeping on the ground. I guess Rudee got her question answered. We debated calling the Sheriff's office but decided not too as he didn't seem to be bothering anybody and they would find him in a couple of hours anyway when the rest of the world woke up (did I mention we were out at 5:30am, YIKES!!).
The campground is the busiest we have seen so far. There is a local Good Sam chapter having a camp out here and have most the sites rented near us. Nice to have some neighbors finally but were going to be up and out early again tomorrow and probably drag our tired bones back home late tomorrow too. Looking to get rid of most if not all the rest of our "stuff" tomorrow, wish us luck. I'll keep you posted.

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