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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One month

We have been fulltime in the 5th wheel for a whole month. The time has gone by fast and we are enjoying our little 400 square foot home. We have done a lot of running this past month we will continue to be busy until after the garage sale finishes on the 24th and we can move out of the house once and for all. Our buyers had an appraisal done last Thursday but we have not heard any updates yet so I guess no news is good news. Still looking for the closing to be on or near May 6th.
We went to BINGO last night. We sat with Steve, Trish, Deb and Gail and had a great time. Deb started us off with a win in the early bird games for $50 and then Rudee, Trish and I each won separate games for $100 each. We had the lucky table last night!!
I went today to fill a propane tank that ran dry yesterday. The KOA refills but they were out as well and waiting for a delivery so I went to a local place here that had a sign out front. I told them what I needed and they told me it would be $29.00 to fill a 30lb tank. I thought this was ridiculous. The tank only takes 7 gal to fill when it is empty so that would be over $4 per gallon! I told the lady to forget it and then drove back to Lebanon and had it filled there for $18. I picked up the mail and checked on the house while I was there as well. We have done some research on our mail service and will probably go with the UPS store in Brownsburg which is the closest one to us. They provide you with a street address and not just a P.O. Box number and they will forward your mail to you whenever you request it or it can be picked up 24 hrs at their store. We will probably get it set up when we have a definite closing date on the house and then start forwarding our home mail and getting all the change of address things done. I'll be glad when we get all this stuff done. I feel guilty when we have a lazy night like tonight and are just relaxing in the recliners knowing we have stuff to do at the house. Yesterday and today was cold and wet but the weather was supposed to improve starting tomorrow and be decent the rest of the week. I'll keep you posted.

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