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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Out with Friends

We met up with Niles & Deb, Gordon & Gail and their friend Al and went to Stookey's Restaurant in Thorntown for dinner. We all had either steak or catfish and some had both!! Niles treated us to some of Stookey's famous onion rings and we laughed and talked for probably 2 hours. They are all heading up to Shepshewana in northern Indiana for the next week. It was great seeing Gail and Gordon again and meeting Al. They are bluegrass musicians and they are first class people. Gail sings and Gordon is the best I have ever heard on the guitar, he also plays banjo and probably anything else he can get in his hands. When we were in Florida Niles and I went deep sea fishing and caught a bunch of white snapper or "grunts" as they are called. We had them filleted and then had a big cook out for everybody. Gail, Gordon and their playing buddy Gene gave us an impromptu concert right there under Niles and Deb's awning. It was quite a night. My parents who are both in their late 70's came and really enjoyed themselves as did the rest of us.
We are heading back to the house this morning to finish cleaning out the attic and start on the shed. It's hard telling what is in our attic. Probably full of the stuff we thought we would use again and now forgot what is even there. "Now where did I put that box full of money?" :)
Rudee sold the headboard, frame and box springs from our bed to a co worker and maybe the dresser and end table to another. The only big things we have left are 1 chair, a desk and some end tables. I guess I forgot about the riding mower. I figure I'll need it a few times before the closing in May so will hang onto it for the time being. I can always store it at our daughter and son in law, Amanda and Ryan's, house.

Weather looks like it may get pretty nice today, maybe we can get our work done and have enough time to take the bike out and blow the dust off of it. We have not been on it since Florida in December and we love to ride. I'll keep you posted.

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