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Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's over!!

The garage sale ended at noon today. We started out slow this morning and were worried that no one would show up. Customers drifted in and out all morning though and we got rid of a bunch more stuff. Rudee was working the crowd making deals and I don't think anyone left empty handed. I saw a sign yesterday advertising metal recycling at a business in Lebanon so I stopped in today and asked if they would take our old broken down freezer and my desk and file cabinets, they said they would take anything metal and were open until noon. I went home and Rudee and I loaded them up (took 2 trips) and I dropped it off. We were paid over $12 for the freezer, desk, 2 file cabinets and an old metal shelf from the garage. Let me tell you, I was a happy guy to be rid of that stuff. I was afraid we would have to get a trailer and then haul it to the dump which is over 20 miles and then have to pay to dump it. Instead we made some $$ off of it and they wont be in a landfill for the next gazillion years rusting away.
Niles and Deb came over after the sale closed down and helped us clean up and haul things to Good Will (3 truck loads). We sorted a lot of stuff still in the house and finally called it a night around 4:00pm. The house is all but done and we will have no problems finishing it up and being ready for May 6th. We have a bunch of photo albums and loose photos to go thru and we have a small pile of stuff that is going to Amanda and Matthew but otherwise the house is EMPTY!! Thanks Niles and Deb, you guys really worked hard and helped us out a bunch and I'm sorry I was a little stressed out when you first got there :). Rudee's sister came up after she got off work and took some of the furniture left and some other stuff, saving us a load to Plainfield, thanks B.J.
Rudee and I are both exhausted. We grabbed a quick supper at Rancho Bravo and a drive thru dessert at Culvers. When we got back to the 5th wheel I built a campfire and we sat outside for about an hour and ate our ice cream treat and just vegged. The campground is almost full this week end and it's nice to see people out and about. Tomorrow we have a birthday party for one of Rudee's co-workers and it looks like it will be nice enough to take the bike. I'll keep you posted.

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