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Thursday, April 9, 2009


We have been pretty busy the last few days. Rudee and I decided that it will be better to wait for a couple of weeks for the garage sale because we are not as ready as we had hoped to be. Tomorrow Rudee is taking off and, if things remain slow for me, we should be able to get things a little more organized for the sale.
Matthew and Mandie may be visiting from Ohio this week end. He called yesterday and they have Sunday and Monday off so may show up early Sunday morning and spend Easter with us. We are going to let them take our car back with them and use it for a while until they can afford to buy another car. They have been running themselves ragged both working fulltime jobs and only having the 1 car for transportation, takes some creative planning to work all that out.
Sunday we will go to Rudee's Mom and Dads in Plainfield. She is having everyone over for a meal and an Easter egg hunt for the little ones. I hate to see her go to all the work preparing a meal but no matter how hard you object she does it anyway. We have tried to tell her we can all just go out and not have all the mess and hassle of having to feed 15-20 people but she likes to cook and entertain so what can you do.
I bought a CB radio for the truck and plan on installing it either tomorrow or Saturday depending on the weather (may rain). I know I promised pictures of the new truck but Rudee has been driving it to work and wont let me near it :). For those that have asked, it is a 2007 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab 4 wheel drive. It is silver and has leather heated seats, sliding rear window, sunroof, V8 engine, power everything, cruise control and remote start. We bought it from a dealers lot in Lafayette and only has 28,000 miles on it. We think we got a good deal on it and are hopeful it will last us a long time. We plan on Rudee driving it when we start our travels while I tow the 5th wheel w/ the Goldwing on the back of the semi.
We went out with our Goldwing friends last night to a local mexican restaurant. Our group is part of the Goldwing Road Riders Assoc. (GWRRA) and we get together every Wed. with the 3rd Wed. being our business meeting. We usually have a fairly large crowd of anywhere from 20-30 people on any given Wed night. A few of us went to Culver's for ice cream after dinner. We can't eat high doses of sugar and Culver's has an ice cream cup that is "no sugar added" and only has 8g of sugar per serving (2) so Rudee and I share one of those.
Weather has finally turned the corner here (I hope!!). Today is really nice and supposed to be in the 50's and lower 60's for the next 10 days. I talked to Jamie, the park manager, and she said she will turn on the water to our site today (yea!!). Looks like we can finally take some longer showers and do the laundry here in the camper. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Nice blog guys, gotta ask why the Hdt to pull the Montana??

  2. Thanks for checking in coal. We haul our Goldwing on the back of the HDT behind the cab on an electric winch operated ramp/lift system. We have friends who pull a cargo trailer hooked to the back of their 5th wheel (double towing) to haul their bike in but we would rather not do that and needed the bigger truck to accomplish it all.